Our Dynamic Team


Scott & Leslie Paramore

Husband and wife team, Scott and Leslie Paramore are stepping it up with an exciting partnership! Both hold hearts that envision expanding the emotional health awareness of children. Their aim is providing positive content that will assist children in making sense of their world. At times, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or (NLP) may be used while providing fun and engaging content through empowering stories, concept videos and more! What is NLP? A simple, yet effective process that retrains the linguistic subconscious mind to re-pattern itself into healthy ways of being. In other words, we are anchoring new belief systems so children can easily adapt to life's adventures in fun and creative ways. We offer children UNIQUE TOOLS to RESPOND to life with CONFIDENCE.

Feathered Friend, Bluey

Lead Character of Happiness

Scott Paramore, otherwise known as our Feathered Friend, BLUEY is the perfect character to engage with children of all ages. He has been known to induce LAUGHTER with his playful and delightful personality. Everyone LOVES a BLUEY HUG! Scott Paramore is a NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, public presenter and gifted video graphics artist. He is a life long seeker of learning, musician and nature lover.


Lead Seamstress

Born and raised in Canada, Darlene's loving and open personality lights up a room wherever she goes. Her creative gifts are beautiful and numerous. We were thrilled when she agreed to come on board as our amazing seamstress. She is sewing up a variety interesting characters for our unique videos and presentations. Darlene's crafty genius has lead her to designing clothing, stuffed toys, snazzy crafts and more! We are so lucky to have her on our team! We can't wait to see what she will come up with!


Company Support Assistant

Monica is an expert multitasker in life. She is an intuitive health and wellness practitioner and mother of five. She is a natural nurturer with a caring and compassionate personality. In short, she is the backbone of what we do, always believing in the vision for children. With us from the beginning, Monica holds a special place in our hearts.

The Sparkler Princess

A Real Life Princess

Leslie Paramore, also known as THE SPARKLER PRINCESS, has held a warm fondness for children as far back as she can remember. She believes strongly that children best succeed in life through LOVE. She honors the uniqueness & diversity of every child's heart; teaching them to celebrate who they are. Leslie believes that nurturing the connection between the mind and the heart builds a bridge of confidence within children. Leslie holds a background in Early Childhood Education, with courses in human relations and child psychology. She formerly owned a private preschool and kindergarten for nine years. She is an international children's author/artist; having published over 70 specialized ESL books for children in Korea. Leslie is also a Certified Life Coach.


Director of Administrative Management

Rozan is a nationally certified life coach, with the special gift of intuitiveness. She sees great potential in every person she meets and is a natural connector of hearts. She loves assisting others to reach their highest potential and always gives 100% of her time and heart in service to life's sometimes unexpected opportunities. Consider her an expert in her field. She has raised eight diverse and dynamic children and has acquired 12 grandchildren, or what she refers to as "Zana Babies" We are so happy to have Rozan as a beautiful part of our team.


Character Development

Leala ignites a spark in everyone's heart with her beautiful light. She brings optimism and a love for children that supersedes the norm. Formerly operating her own preschool, she enjoys teaching children the pure joy of learning. Leala will play the future role as our Feathered Friend, Sunny. She plans to elevate many lives with her friendly and care free nature. Leala is "Our Visionary" because interestingly enough, she is physically blind, however has beautiful intuitive insights that enlighten all who know her.


Character Development

Barb is fondly name our visionary mascot! She supports us and others on countless levels. She truly holds a heart for humanity. She is also a nature and animal lover. When we need a helping hand, Barb magically shows up! Barb will be playing the role of our Feathered Friend, Lucy in future events.


Graphic Artist / Musician

Christel is a dynamic part of our team. She is gifted in art and graphic design, and is finding ways to make everything sparkle with her creative pizazz. Christel is a Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, intuitive crystal healer, and a dynamic mom. She enjoys singing, writing songs, and creating anything with her hands.