International children’s author/illustrator, Leslie Paramore, AKA the Sparkler Princess is raising more than eyebrows with her newest book, Anything’s Possible. Anything Goes! published by Heart-Centered Productions. This rhyming picture book promises to support children as they learn to navigate their way through unlimited possibilities, while raising their child-like curiosity.  The first of a picture book trilogy for children ages 3-6 years, Leslie secretly believes that it might possibly spark some magic within children of all ages, including adults.

Leslie Paramore is not your typical children’s author. She presents herself as a Real Life Princess with a sparkling crown, flowing blue gown, along with the princess accessories needed to engage the hearts of boys and girls worldwide through her lighthearted and loving personality.

“Every child can be taught the power of possibilities in creative ways,” she says. “My dream is to be a modernized Pied Piper, leading the children back to the power of their minds and their hearts.”

Leslie has crossed the borders of literature with over 70 children’s books published for the Korean educational system and is now pleased to announce the release of Anything’s Possible. Anything Goes! to children worldwide.

Reader Endorsement: “Having over a decade in the field of education, I can say with confidence that this book has the potential to be a classic. It is catchy and clever in its word use, similar in style to Dr. Seuss, and has an important message for children of any age.” Joeel A. Rivera M.Ed.  Author, Speaker, Publisher and V.P. of Transformation Services, Inc.

 Being a strong advocate for children and supporting positive and powerful change for humanity, the Sparkler Princess is honored to join her heart with Tremor Books LLC who donates a dollar of every book sold to GAB Inc. a connective charity invested in positive social change.

Book Title: Anything’s Possible. Anything Goes!

By The Sparkler Princess

Hardcover 8.5 x 11   50 Pages ISBN 978-0692155837

Soft Cover 8.5 x 6.5 50 Pages ISBN 978-0692155851

E-Book 50 Pages ISBN

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


Leslie Paramore has a background in Early Childhood Education with courses in human relations and child psychology and she previously owned and operated a private preschool for nine years.  In addition, Leslie is also a Life Purpose Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, video presenter and meditation recording artist.

She and her husband, Scott Paramore are currently creating their video /TV pilot series, The Sparkler Princess with Bluey & Friends.